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Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the church by providing software and technology resources to ministries and churches across the world.  From the beginning, our development methodology has been focused on the creation of a highly customizable interface framework that can be changed "on-the-fly" without writing any code (unless code is your thing :).  Our agile approach to software development is what enables us to succeed with our limited amount of resources.

For the past several years we have continually refined our app to scale into various areas of ministry management, including mission trip management, summer camp facilitation, child sponsorship, and more.  As of Q2 2010, KC's code has assisted in the distribution of over 30,000 Christmas gifts, has helped manage over 100 mission trips, 50 camps, and 200 child sponsorship programs.

KingdomCode's core framework was developed by Steve Pappas and Robert Staniskis.  Steve Pappas is a medical systems technology consultant in the Orange County area. With his years of experience in database architecture, software development, systems analysis, and business intelligence, Steve is able to make significant contributions to the dynamic framework that supports the underlying technology KC's platform uses.  Robert Staniskis has over 10 years of experience developing dynamic .NET business applications.  In addition to managing a number of Information Technology teams, Robert has several years of experience in a vast number of technology roles, including report development, CRM customization, system and server administration, and project management.

We are always looking for experienced technology professionals to join our team and help spread The Gospel through the use of software and technology.  If you think God is tugging your heart in this direction, please contact us, to learn more about getting involved.

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Dedicated to supporting ministries with leading edge technology
Our mission is to develop the absolute best and most dynamic ministry software to support the technology needs of the church.