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pictureWelcome to KingdomCode

KingdomCode is an organization with the sole purpose of furthering our Lord Jesus Christ's Kingdom through the use of software and technology.   It is our passion to carry out The Great Commission by leveraging the gifts and talents of Christian technology enthusiasts to deliver rich, compelling ministry software that is simple and easy to use.


Ministry Management

Our ministry management systems simplify and automate your processes.   Get rid of all those spreadsheets that are so hard to keep track of and move your data to the cloud!   Choose our hosted package for a simple easy to use system accessible anywhere over the Internet.


Integrated Reporting Suite

Our powerful reporting suite delivers rich, customized, fully branded reports which will allow you to better understand your ministry metrics, measure results, and help you reach your goals!   Preview reports before you run them to save time, then run them on-demand, or schedule a delivery time!


100% Customizable

We believe the most powerful feature of our system its ability to adapt to your specific needs.   Why should you be forced to change your processes and use workarounds because of software limitations?   We build highly dynamic, customizable software that will adapt to you and your ministry!

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Dedicated to supporting ministries with leading edge technology
Our mission is to develop the absolute best and most dynamic ministry software to support the technology needs of the church.